Friday, 20.10.2023 - Tuesday, 24.10.2023

Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Journalism Seminar Completed in Yerevan, Armenia

From October 20 to October 24, 2023, Yerevan played host to an innovative event organized by the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung "Dialogue Eastern Europe".

The "Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Journalism" seminar attracted participants and experts from Armenia, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine, marking a significant moment in the evolving world of news reporting.

The seminar centered on exploring the intricate relationship between journalism and artificial intelligence. It sought to address fundamental questions regarding AI's role in journalism. The impact of AI on journalism as a profession and what future developments in this regard might be was discussed in-depth as well.

Distinguished speakers, including both seasoned journalists and AI specialists, provided in-depth discussions on a range of AI-related topics. These discussions spanned from automated journalism and AI's role in fact-checking to personalized news delivery, investigative reporting, and content moderation.

Throughout the seminar, there was a recurring emphasis on the importance of responsible AI integration in journalism. Key ethical concerns, transparency, and combating misinformation served as core themes, underlining the need for conscientious and ethical AI application in the industry.

The participants also had the chance to get acquinted with Armenia’s local media landscape and establish ties with colleagues from the countries of the Eastern Partnership.

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