Reimagining Regional Security: Insights from the 11th Academy for Social Democracy in Eastern Europe in Armenia

FES Dialogue Eastern Europe hosted the 11th Academy for Social Democracy on July 16-22, 2023 in Yerevan and Jermuk, Armenia.

Under the title of “Security Transformations in the EaP Region: Revision of the Regional Security Order?” the 11th Academy focused on the mechanics of change during the revisions of regional security on the regional and state level, and the implications on the status quo of the conflicts in the region.

As the academy took place in Armenia, special – but by no means exclusive - attention was given to Armenia’s security challenges and its regional prospects. The Academy hosted participants -  young experts and practitioners of foreign policy, security, international relations, conflict studies and related fields – from Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine and Germany.

The Academy took place in two parts, one in Yerevan and second in Jermuk. While in Yerevan the program put more emphasis on the conceptualization of regions, sanctions regimes and human rights-security nexus, the program in Jermuk focused on the future of EaP as a geopolitical region and institution, conflicts in Karabakh and Ukraine and skills-based learning of policy writing.

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