Too Little, Too Slow? Workers’ Rights in Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine

Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine have committed themselves to minimum social standards – particularly in the field of labor legislation – through their Association Agreements (AA) with the EU. For several reasons, however, the implementation in this field falls significantly short.

Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung brought together civil society and trade union representatives, experts and academics from Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine to discuss the most pressing issues regarding employment conditions. The results of the workshop are summarized in the short paper “Too Little, Too Slow – Why Employees in Georgia, Moldova, and Ukraine Do Not Benefit from the EU Association Agreements”. The paper discusses specifically the lack of implementation in the fields of labor inspection, anti-discrimination and equal opportunities as well as social dialogue and collective bargaining.

On 13 November, the study was presented in Brussels at a public event and discussed with experts such as Anton Leppik, Executive Secretary of the Pan-European Regional Council of the International Trade Union Confederation. During the trip, the study was also discussed in private meetings with several Members of the European Parliament, with the Centre for European Policy Studies as well as with representatives from the European Commission and the European External Action Service. The aim of the trip and the paper is to raise awareness for the partly appalling working conditions in Georgia, Moldova, and Ukraine as well as to formulate concrete policy recommendations for the three countries and the European Union how to improve the situation for employees.

Too little, too slow

Kardava, Ekaterine; Yarmolyuk-Kröck, Kateryna; Palihovici, Liliana

Too little, too slow

Why employees in Georgia, Moldova, and Ukraine do not benefit from the EU association agreements
Kyiv, 2019

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