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23.07.2019 | Events

The first seminar organized by the Regional Office Dialogue Eastern Europe with an exclusive focus on journalism took place in Odessa from the 23rd to…


19.05.2019 | Events

The first academy for social democracy of this year “Sustainable urban development in post-soviet cities: facing environmental challenges and social…


20.03.2019 | Events

The international seminar “Innovations in Public Administration - Engagement through Civic Activism” was organized by the Professional Government…


Dialogue Eastern Europe

Borysohlibska 15a
04070 Kyiv, Ukraine

+38 (044) 234 10 38

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Topics and scope of activities

Topics and scope of activities

The regional project „Dialogue Eastern Europe“ with its office in Kyiv focuses mainly on the following three pillars in order to promote cooperation and mutual understanding within the region. More

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